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Shaunak Chakraborty

शौनक चक्रवर्ती
Shaunak Chakraborty at Nazrul Mancha Kolkata.jpg
Shaunak Chakraborty on 18 February 2020
Member of United Nations MGCY
Assumed office
30 June 2020 - (present)
CEO of Gyaanipedia
Assumed office
30 August 2018 - (present)
Chairperson of Fridays For Future Virtual
Assumed office
26 Jan 2020 - (present)
Robin of Robin Hood Army
Assumed office
05 September 2018 - (present)
Member of HelpAge India
In office
11 May 2011 – 20 November 2018
Preceded byAnurag DS
Succeeded byKhushboo Sharma
Member of Care Promise Welfare Society
In office
23 April 2014 – 31 October 2014
Preceded byK.Roshni
Succeeded byAnamika Singh
Personal details
Born23 December 2000
Kolkata, India
MotherSharmistha Chakraborty
FatherShankar Chakraborty
RelativesCSC Family
EducationTechno India University Kolkata (2019 - present)
United States Institute of Peace (2018 - present)
Air Force School Jodhpur (2017-2019)
Army Public School Jodhpur (2013-2017)
Army Public School Dinjan (2012-2013)
Kendriya Vidyalaya Dinjan(2009-2012)
Kendriya Vidyalaya Sarsawa(2008-2009)
Kendriya Vidyalaya Garden Reach (2007-2008).
Alma materTechno India University BCA(Hons)
European Open University (DSE)
OccupationWriter (2013-present)
Social Worker (2008-present)
Known forHindi Poetry
AwardsHelpAge India 2011 (2 times), HelpAge India 2012, CPWS Award

Shaunak ChakrabortyBlue Badge.png (in Hindi शौनक चक्रवर्ती and in Bengali শৌনক চক্রবর্তী) is an Indian writer,[1] author,[2][3]poet, social worker[4] and the founder of Gyaanipedia was born on 23 December 2000 in India's former capital Kolkata which is the present capital of Indian state West Bengal. He is popularly known for his poems written in India's national language Hindi.[5][6] He is the chairperson of Fridays For Future Virtual.

Early Life

The early life of Shaunak Chakraborty was full of pain and tragedies as his mother was not well, she was admitted to Eastern Command Military Hospital for 6 months in the year 2001 and she took almost 3 years to become completely well. Shaunak's aunt Rupali Samaddar and home maid Rajni Kumari had done a lot for him for the initial three years of his life.

2000 - 2003

The initial three years of Chakraborty's life is probably the hardest portion of his life. At first he got hate from his own family members as they demand a girl child but Chakraborty is a boy. So they use to wear him female cloths.

Shaunak Chakraborty wearing female dress in January 2002

Personal life


Master Chakraborty is a very soft hearted and caring person in his personal life, he is always ready to help people who are in need. He never say no to that person who have expectation from him. He will give his hundred percent to help the person.

Health issues 2003

He is having various health issues as he is suffering from Asthma since he was three years old.

Health issues 2014

He he suffering from health issues since his childhood but 2014 was the most dangerous year of his life as his Asthma was in a very dangerous stage, no medicine was working in body at last the doctors recommend Strode the strongest drug then it effects.

Bladder infection & Constipation 2018

In September 2018, Chakraborty was suffering from bladder infection, he reported a severe type of pain during the passing of urine. Doctors told him to drink water as much as he can but he couldn't able to do that as going to toilet again an again and face the pain was not an easy task. He was drinking a very less amount of water that's why he faces the problem of constipation. He noticed that his stool was not passed since three days. At the initial stage he tried medicines like Pet King and Issaabgul but it didn't effect on him. Then after 1 week a doctor suggested him some medicines he tried it and finally his stool got passed.

The Dengue Chapter 2018

On 14 October 2018 Master Chakraborty feeled a kind of sickness in his body while sitting at Sahu Park Air Force Station Jodhpur. On the nextday at evening time he was feeling very uncomfortable so he went to the Station Medical Center of Air Force and they gave Paracetamol as the doctors were no there. On the sameday at night time Air Force personnel CPL P. Rajesh measured and find out that he is having 101 fever. Chakraborty reported to SMC with CPL Rajesh next day. While describing his status to Lady Medical Officer suddenly he was feeling very uncomfortable, Rajesh hold him and immediately took him to the Emergency ward but before entering there he got senseless, Rajesh pick him up and ran inside. Dr. K Anthony immediately told CPL Laksha to process a bottle of saline water. Within half an hour his mother Sharmistha Chakraborty reached here Dr. Anthony recommend for a check up at Military Hospital Jodhpur. He and he mother reached there by an Air Force Ambulance. There the dengue case was reported and he was immediately admitted to the hospital. He was discharged after six days, on 21 October 2018.


Chakraborty is pursuing graduate in Bachelor of Computer Applications Honors from Techno India University. He has done his schooling from Air Force School Jodhpur.

Specialization & Courses

Date Institution Name
06 June 2022 University of London[7] Information Security: Context and Introduction
04 June 2022 Georgia Institute of Technology Introduction to User Experience Design
03 June 2022 University System of Georgia Managing Cybersecurity Incidents and Disasters
07 May 2022 Copenhagen Business School Sustainable Fashion
07 May 2022 University of Colorado Teamwork Skills: Communicating Effectively in Groups
05 May 2022 University of Minnesota Creative Problem Solving
03 May 2022 University of Virginia Introduction to Personal Branding
11 April 2022 Stanford University Machine Learning
03 February 2022 Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Computers and Office Productivity Software
02 February 2022 University of Michigan Problem Solving Using Computational Thinking
1 February 2022 University of Maryland Surviving Disruptive Technologies
26 January 2022 John Hopkins University COVID-19 Contact Tracing

Academics work

Shaunak is working on various research papers from the field of Computer Science, Cyber Security, Information Technology, Blockchain Technology, etc and his first paper will gonna publish soon.

Shaunak Chakraborty
Academic background
EducationTechno India University
University of London
Georgia Institute of Technology
University System of Georgia
University of Colorado
University of Minnesota
University of Virginia
Stanford University
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
University of Michigan
University of Maryland
John Hopkins University
Academic work
DisciplineIndependent scholar
Main interestsCyber Security, Information Technology

Voluntary work

Shaunak Chakraborty featured on the United Nations Volunteers India Facebook page of activity of World Environment Day 2022

Shaunak is a volunteer since he was 7 years old. That is the reason he is called Born To Volunteer. Officially he is volunteering for various organization since 2011 when he was 10. He joined HelpAge India as a Child Volunteer in that year.

Bharat Scouts & Guides

He joined the Bharat Scouts and Guides in April 2010 when he was in 4th standard. Initially, he was part of various activities and engaged in many other programs and functions.

He had created his patrol, named Elephant Patrol, and became the Captain of it. There were 12 members in his patrol, at every scout gathering he represents his patrols.

On the auspicious occasion of the Republic Day of 2012, we have taken part in our school parade and he was leading his patrol. The journey with Bharat Scouts and Guides comes to an end on 31 March 2012.

Child Volunteer at HelpAge India

He joined HelpAge India in April 2011 as a Child Volunteer, at that time he was 10 years old. He was a part of various campaigns which were organized in collaboration with his school.

Mainly he was involved in the campaigns which were organized to help the poor, homeless aged people.

Child Fundraiser

In September 2011, he started involving in the fundraising campaigns along with other campaigns as well. He spread awareness in society and encouraged other children of his age at that time to join these campaigns so that they could able to collect as many funds as they can. He also visited home to home for asking for donations in Air Force Station, Dinjan.

Robin Hood Army

These words are said by Shaunak:

Giving a smile to the faces of my less privileged Indian brothers and sisters are always a pleasurable work for me and Robin Hood Army has given me a chance to make it happen.

In Jodhpur, India he used to collect food especially extra food from restaurants and distribute it to less fortunate children. Mostly they do this on weekends.

Hamari Pahchan NGO

He have joined Hamari Pahchan NGO in February 2022 as an Intern and soon left it in March 2022 during this period of a month he had created a supporting fundraiser and share the link with the team. Taken the help of the videos.

Broadcast the fundraiser link with his friends and family, with a personalise a message to encourage his family and friends to contribute towards the social cause. Kept the link of his supporting fundraiser on his WhatsApp status, Instagram story and on Instagram bio.


He founded Gyaanipedia, it was live on 30 August 2018 and I became the first administrator and bureaucrat of this platform. Gyaanipedia uses MediaWiki software.

Later he became the President which is the most responsible post on Gyaanipedia and he said that I am honored to hold this one, where I get the chance to serve the users of this platform and take care of their needs properly. Involved in major decision making for the betterment of this platform and always converts feedback into feedforward which is the most essential thing for any organization.

V-Force India

In the year 2019, he joined V-Force India which is an initiative of United Nations Volunteers India. Initially, he took part in the International Youth Day 2019 campaign and raised various issues of youth to which awareness is required. Later he took part in other campaigns such as International Volunteer Day 2019, International Women's Day 2020, COVID-19 Campaign 2020, International Youth Day 2020, and so on.

In 2020 as the pandemic was there all over the world so he joined the COVID-19 Campaign and later joined the V-Force Translation Team whose work was to translate the graphics related to COVID-19 to the local languages of India as this pandemic was novel so all the graphics were also newly generated that's why it was not available in other languages rather than English.

MyGov India

Shaunak joined MyGov in 2018 which is a citizen engagement platform launched by the Government of India on 26th July 2014 to promote the active participation of Indian citizens in their country's governance and development. He has contributed there on various issues which are important for nation-building and have participated in various other youth engagement activities such as quiz, discussion, talk, survey, etc. He achieved the Enthusiastic, Discoverer, and Influencer all-level badges. He was awarded the MyGov Champion badge and finally, he was awarded MyGov Changemaker which is the highest award of this platform in May 2022. Currently, he is having more than 200k points on this platform.

World Model United Nations

He founded World MUN in 2015 and later became its President of it. It organizes various MUN conferences once a year, after the 2020 COVID pandemic World MUN started organizing the conferences online.

He has been the Director of the World Model United Nations and was initially involved in organizing and managing the MUN events and conferences.

World Model United Nations is a young-led organization that is a part of the United Nations Youth Association.

Fridays For Future

Shaunak is connected with Fridays For Future since its foundation which is an international movement of school students who skip Friday classes to participate in demonstrations to demand action from political leaders to prevent climate change and for the fossil fuel industry to transition to renewable energy. He has participated in various climate strikes such as No More Empty Promises, People No Profit, There is NO PlaneT B, Uproot The System, etc. Then he founded Fridays For Future Virtual which is an online chapter of the strikes. One of his major participation was in the Save Buxawaha Forest strike which was organized on June 05, 2021.

Online Volunteer UNV India

Volunteered Online with United Nations Volunteers to beat plastic pollution.

Reduce plastic from our day-to-day life and spread awareness about it in our society.

United Nations Major Group of Children & Youth

He has joined UNEP Major Groups for Children and Youth to engage with some exciting and interesting youth-led activities in 2020. He have been a part of various programs including the Global Youth Assembly 2021 and 2022.

V-Force Team UN Volunteers India

He has contributed to V-Awards an initiative by the UN Volunteers India, which aims to celebrate young people, who are making the world a better place for all, through their acts of volunteerism, every day and everywhere. The V-Awards will recognize extraordinary young people, who are changing their lives and the communities around them. V-Awards are especially relevant in India because we have the world’s largest youth population. Harnessing this resource will unleash unprecedented gains for India. Through these awards, we want to recognize the efforts made by young people and encourage others to do more.

During this period he has done the following activities:

  • Spread the word for V-Awards 2021 applications in my network as much as possible.
  • Call a few applicants who have filled in any wrong information or missed some sections and told them to email the proper answer.
  • Interviewed a few applicants out of the Top 50.
  • Make the videos of the Top 10 awardees.
  • Captioned the Top 10 awardees final videos which include information about them, their work, and achievements.
  • Interviewed a few of the Top 10 awardees with some final questions.

UNV India V-Force Team

He joined the UNV V-Force Team in July 2021 and currently serving the entire V-Force network along with 22,000+ Volunteers and 8 V-Force Leaders. Our commitment is towards promoting volunteerism has been highly appreciated and as a way forward UNV India.

As per him he as done the following works:

  • Solved the queries of the new volunteers and also ask them to register as a V-Force volunteer and join our official communication channels in Facebook group comments at the beginning of this campaign.
  • Manage the V-Force website and write blogs.
  • Make a summary of every assignment so that a few new volunteers could understand it properly.
  • Engage with more than 100 volunteers via WhatsApp, try to understand what issues they are facing, and tried my best to solve them all.
  • Taken the suggestions from other coordinators and made the Assignments.
  • Designed the posters and other social media content.
  • Try to answer every query of the volunteers during the V-CONNECT.
  • Interact to the volunteers and try to find out what of the task(s) they are having difficulties with.
  • Managed the participants and chatbox during the panel discussion session and also saved the chats.
  • Accept/Decline more than 500 joining requests in the Facebook group and also declined a few of the pending posts due to their content.
  • Designed the certificate of the V-Force Campaigns.
  • Checked the works of almost 800 volunteers as per the number count in the evaluation sheet.
  • Wrote an email consisting of all information that is required so that I can reduce the gap in communication, especially with the new volunteers as they are more concerned about the certificate.
  • After the distribution of the certificates, I have checked the works of a few eligible volunteers and issued them certificates.
  • Solved the conflict between volunteers.
  • I have given each and every suggestion to our team which is to my knowledge and I feel it is important for the betterment of our V-Force community.


He has participated in various strikes especially related to climate change, deforestation, disruption of nature in the name of so called development.

Save Buxwaha Forest

It was one of the biggest and the most important movement of his life which gained a nation wide as well as International popularity and as the passage of time more an more youths and children got connected to it. The Government of Madhya Pradesh wants to cut down 80,000 trees in this forest of Buxwaha as they want to dig a diamond mine there. This forest is the home of many animal species as well as indigenous tribes, and various kinds of medicines and other useful products also manufactured from this forest.

The International Business Times quoted a sentence of Shaunak ,

We human beings are becoming selfish day by day, but we shouldn't forget that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. #SaveBuxwahaForest
— Shaunak Chakraborty, International Business Times

Out Coming Talent

His talent of writing came in front of the world when he was in seventh standard, his sister copied a poem from internet shows it to everyone than all the family members said out standing, very good, etc to her but Shaunak knew it very well that this is a copied poem, he challenged her and wrote his first poem of his life that is 'Suraj Dada'. That poem got popular after two years that is 2015, by this his talent of writing came out.


Master Chakraborty attached various national and international conferences including MUNs.

ICCECE International Conference 2020

Shaunak Chakraborty with ISRO scientist Aishwary Mishra in ICCECE International Conference 2020

Chakraborty attented the ICCECE International Conference 2020 on 16 and 17th January 2020 in Techno India University.

Waste Management Conference 2020

Shaunak Chakraborty delivering speech

Chakraborty participated in the Waste Management and Social Entrepreneurship Confrence which was organized by TIU from 21 - 23 January 2020.

Shaunak Chakraborty with Deputy Consulate of Republic of German

Chakraborty meet the Deputy Consulate of Republic of German during this Waste Management Conference and discuss some prominent factors of the waste management process and the 3Rs i.e Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Shaunak Chakraborty giving media interview

While this conference Chakraborty has given his time to media also and discuss about some of the innovative ideas and initiatives to reduce the waste from our world.

Model United Nations

MUN Committee Representing Party

IIMUN Jodhpur 2017

Lok Sabha

Saugata Roy

All India Trinamool Congress

IIMUN Jodhpur 2018

United Nations Security Council




United Nations Women







Family Contributions

Indian Freedom Struggle

Shaunak comes from a freedom fighter's family which has major contributions to Non-Cooperation Movement, Simon Go Back, Civil Disobedience Movement, etc.

Freedom Fighter Bibhuti Bhushan Chatterjee who comes from his mother's side had spent many years of his life in imprisonment due to work with Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose.

Bangladeshi Independence Movement

Shaunak Chakraborty's family has played a major role in the independence of Bangladesh from military and non military context. His grandfather's brother along with some other relatives had lost their lives during this war.

Some of his relatives had joined Mukti Bahini and was provided weapons from Indian military which was later returned after the independence.


His father and uncle is currently serving in Indian Air Force. His grandfather Shasank Shekhar Chakraborty was retired from Indian Air Force with the rank of Junior Warrent Officer. His family was mainly involved in 1971 Liberation War and 1999 Kargil War.

Awards & Honours

  • HelpAge India 2011
  • HelpAge India 2011
  • Best Incharge APS 2013
  • Best Incharge APS 2014
  • National Song Winner 2014
  • CPWS Award 2014
  • Group Song Runner Up 2015
  • Best Leadership Award APS 2015
  • Best Incharge APS 2015
  • Hindi Extempore Winner 2017
  • English Extempore Winner 2017
  • English Speech Winner 2018
  • Traditional Song Winner 2018

Mr BCA Fresher 2020

Dr. AB Chowdhury honouring Shaunak Chakraborty with Mr. BCA Fresher Award on 24 February 2020