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You are requested to please delete this following article.

Article name - Rishikesh Shukre

Thank you!

Hello[edit source | hide | hide all]

Request your queries Shaunak Chakraborty (talk) 12:03, 5 November 2018 (UTC)

Hi[edit source | hide]

hello sir Category:Ram Gum (talk) 02:39, 7 November 2018 (IST)

Notification of your nomination for interwiki admin[edit source | hide]

As I've also written on your talk page on meta, I have nominated you as an interwiki admin. Please make a comment there if necessary, and I also recommend you to work on translations (or any other possible work you can do) on meta, because your contributions on meta will probably be the main discussion topic on whether your request will be successful.--開拓者 (talk) 21:28, 5 January 2019 (IST)

A barnstar for you![edit source | hide]

Original Barnstar Hires.png The Original Barnstar
It is for your hard work towards Gyaanipedia Rupa Banerjee (talk) 13:57, 28 August 2019 (IST)

A barnstar for you![edit source | hide]

Barnstar of Diligence Hires.png The Barnstar of Diligence
You had done a good job Rupa Banerjee (talk) 13:58, 28 August 2019 (IST)

A barnstar for you![edit source | hide]

Barnstar of Reversion Hires.png The Anti-Vandalism Barnstar
You had done a great job a great fight against vandalism in Gyaanipedia GN Central Administration (talk) 14:00, 28 August 2019 (IST)

A barnstar for you![edit source | hide]

Barnstar of Reversion Hires.png The Anti-Vandalism Barnstar
You had done a great job a great fight against vandalism in Gyaanipedia GN Central Administration (talk) 14:01, 28 August 2019 (IST)

A barnstar for you![edit source | hide]

Barnstar of Diligence Hires.png The Barnstar of Diligence
Very nice work GN Central Administration (talk) 14:02, 28 August 2019 (IST)

A barnstar for you![edit source | hide]

Administrator Barnstar Hires.png The Admin's Barnstar
You are the best admin in Gyaanipedia till now GN Central Administration (talk) 14:02, 28 August 2019 (IST)

A barnstar for you![edit source | hide]

Peace Barnstar Hires.png The Barnstar of Diplomacy
Great you are the most active user in Gyaanipedia till now GN Central Administration (talk) 14:04, 28 August 2019 (IST)

Please remove Robert Blue Moon Page[edit source | hide]

I never wrote any of this Information it is private information and currently being stalked and have private info leaked, this needs to come down the original site this information came from I never gave the person the go ahead for that at all and now this site has index it and I will take legal action if need be. Whomever wrote it first didn't have creative commons on my info or photos, take that page down please.

Please update sitemaps to google[edit source | hide]

please add latest sitemap to google, new pages aren't being updated to google

I am extremely sorry but Google works on it own, we can't update Google. It will update automatically but Google bots or Google spiders. Shaunak Chakraborty

Can i contact you[edit source | hide]

Hi Shaunak, Greetings!

I saw gyaanipedia and it is really amazing site for Indian Users who want to write articles. I want to talk to you regarding discussion on of article on this site. Can u provide your email or Phone number? this is my number - 8318057536.

A barnstar for you![edit source | hide]

Administrator Barnstar Hires.png The Admin's Barnstar
Wall Done He is a good Administrato Sourav Halder (talk) 10:24, 23 April 2020 (IST)

response[edit source | hide]

To be able to login, please delete all your cookies that are Miraheze-related. Reception123 (talk) 21:19, 1 May 2020 (IST)

Now actually I want a bot in my Gyaanipedia Same like this: with same function. Can you please create a bot like this in my Gyaanipedia.

Thanking you with due respect Shaunak Chakraborty 21:25, 1 May 2020 (IST)

ç[edit source | hide]

what recommend for special characters like cedilla in French words, particularlly in titles--Penarc1 (talk) 21:04, 2 May 2020 (IST)

You can edit the title link and add your French words and characters.

By the way do you know any other languages in which you can contribute ? Then please share your WhatsApp number here.

Then I will create a new language Gyaanipedia version and make you admin. This is my WhatsApp number: +91 98 5408 5408 me Shaunak Chakraborty 21:13, 2 May 2020 (IST)

Welcome template[edit source | hide]

I noticed that </noinclude> is showing up at the beginning of all the user talk page messages created by New user message, breaking the section header (see User talk:BuntyBane for example). Luckily, the template is transcluded, not substituted, so all you need to do is to edit the page Template:Welcome to remove the stray unbalanced tags </noinclude> and <noinclude> from the beginning and end of the template respectively. GTrang (talk) 23:53, 8 June 2020 (IST)

Delete date of birth[edit source | hide]

Hi, would you be able to remove my date of birth from all revisions (which are found in the 'view history' section) of my page:

Hello Isaac it's Shaunak Chakraborty ( CEO of Gyaanipedia, a writer, author, poet, social worker and an artist. I would love to have a talented friend like you. For now I can remove your date of birth from the current revision. You can WhatsApp me ☺️ Shaunak Chakraborty 23:19, 13 June 2020 (IST)

Admin[edit source | hide]

I was curious how do you become an Admin? I do work on PublicTestWiki and I also own Weatherpedia. I really want to watch vandalism here, and revert and block users. Thanks! --User:Furricane (talk) 17:41, 13 July 2020 (IST)

Publish verified article[edit source | hide] And see also another article

Thanks .......

Your article Neohumanism has been approved Shaunak Chakraborty 11:20, 26 July 2020 (IST)

Thanks for the approval (Neohumanism). And what about the article "Bandana Dhar Dasgupta"? Neoman (talk) 13:23, 26 July 2020 (IST)Neoman

Approve the article[edit source | hide]

site for fun[edit source | hide] Is there here a site for fun? like one on the link--Penarc1 (talk) 06:39, 6 August 2020 (IST)

President[edit source | hide]

Thank your copy, pretty nice --Penarc1 (talk) 23:07, 31 August 2020 (IST)

Sounak da plzz. Reply[edit source | hide]

Hello ! Shaunak da , Ami Subhajit . Ami o Kolkatay thaki. Article likhi . Tumi amake Gyaanipedia -r admin Korte paro. I also want to contribute to Gyaanipedia . Ami English Honoujrs niye porchi. Sathe journalism o ache as pass subject. Plz. Tumi bpr ta dekhte paro. Subhajit Parbat (talk) 18:52, 6 September 2020 (IST)

Your query has not been understand as per our policies. It is English Gyaanipedia the official language of this wiki is also the same. Hope you understand it. Good day Shaunak Chakraborty 14:38, 7 September 2020 (IST) edit war[edit source | hide]

this guy, probably from Uganda, set up an edit war, when I correct Grammar cheer -- 02:19, 9 September 2020 (IST)--Penarc1 (talk) 02:24, 9 September 2020 (IST) see also--Penarc1 (talk) 02:25, 9 September 2020 (IST)

for a better contact[edit source | hide]

If you prefer contact me at penarc// (Name R C Peña)--Penarc1 (talk) 01:45, 2 October 2020 (IST)

motto[edit source | hide]

Motto“ double tt Please improbe on Sudarshan Army-lemma--Penarc1 (talk) 02:22, 23 October 2020 (IST)

Thank you for bringing us this mistake. By the way I couldn't able to contact you at is this your email id. If not kindly provide me your active email. Shaunak Chakraborty 13:19, 26 October 2020 (IST)

Turk[edit source | hide]

A Guy from Turkey edit in language other than English (American english) or British. May be do you want to block it --Penarc1 (talk) 03:48, 29 October 2020 (IST)

You can translate it to English, we can't block any user until he/she vandalise or spam Gyaanipedia. By the way how can I contact you, kindly tell me Shaunak Chakraborty (talk)

Move[edit source | hide]

R. Joshi to Rakesh Joshi (not Rakesh Krushna Joshi]] RakeshKrushnaJoshiMan (talk) 20:34, 2 November 2020 (IST)

Álbum: Odió a Maduro de José Rafael Cordero Sánchez[edit source | hide]

I was able to observe that the article was written in Spanish, for a wiki essentially in English. I think that even for parody it is not good. It is worth remembering that Rafael Cordero is a recognized spammer--Penarc1 (talk) 02:27, 6 November 2020 (IST)

German and Spanish[edit source | hide]

Dear Sysop As you know I engage on German and Spanish Edition of this Wiki_System

I thank your recognition here (I hope to be prepared for the huge mission) R C Peña--Penarc1 (talk) 19:13, 21 November 2020 (IST)

WhatsApp[edit source | hide]

I have shared important things with you.chack your WhatsApp. 01:06, 26 November 2020 (IST)

Sandesh Lamsal[edit source | hide]

@Shaunak Chakraborty: I have created my first page "Sandesh Lamsal" on Gyaanipedia, Please publish it. Thank you. HowCanYouDoThisOnWiki (talk) 01:49, 29 November 2020 (IST)
@HowCanYouDoThisOnWiki: It is already been published.
@Shaunak Chakraborty: Thank you. I didn't find the page indexed on google and Couldn't find the page upon searching "Sandesh Lamsal" here on Gyaanipedia, so I requested you to know if there is any process over there. Thanks a lot for your response. HowCanYouDoThisOnWiki (talk) 02:17, 29 November 2020 (IST)
@HowCanYouDoThisOnWiki: It will index on Google according to the traffic on this page but usually normal viewed article are index with 1-3 weeks. Shaunak Chakraborty (talk)

Love jihad[edit source | hide]

Please add the latest news about it to the lead:-

As of 25 November 2020, 4 BJP-ruled states: Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana and Karnataka, were mulling laws designed to prevent "forcible conversions" through marriage, commonly referred to as "love jihad" laws.[1][2] The proposed law in Uttar Pradesh, which also includes provisions against "unlawful religious conversion," declares a marriage null and void if the sole intention was to "change a girl's religion" and both it and the draft bill in Madhya Pradesh propose sentences of up to 10 years in prison for those who break the law.[3]<ref>"UP clears 'love jihad' law: 10-year jail, cancelling marriage if for conversion". The Indian Express. 2020-11-26. Retrieved 2020-11-27.

Page Protection Request[edit source | hide]

Md Anan Islam I am to request that please Semi- protect the Page.--Dgfwej (talk) 16:02, 26 December 2020 (IST) @Dgfwej: I don't found any kind of vandalism in this article. Shaunak Chakraborty (talk)

Request for Admin[edit source | hide]

I want to be an Admin on Gyaanipedia. -Q1 (talk) 20:45, 7 January 2021 (IST) @Q1: Its very good thing that you want to become an admin on Gyaanipedia,there are few conditions which you have to complete before nominating youself for Gyaanipedia:Request for adminship, they are as follows:

1. Your account should be at least 3 months old.
2. You had created at least 200 articles with almost 50 words in each article.
3. You should have at least 1000 edits.

Wild card admin
If you are an editor of any newspaper/media or having a responsible right on any other wiki such as Wikipedia then you can request and become admin after one week and with almost 100 edits.

At last I want to say that work hard and ALL THE BEST Shaunak Chakraborty (talk)

Small text[edit source | hide]

HELLO SHAUNAK that's again for protecting the fly Fierra article...but the thing is when you Google him (Fly Fierra) the old article still comes up over this there anyway you could optimize the Fly Fierra Biography so google and pick up and recognize the snippet...delete the Fierra fly article which has his name backwards. THANKS SO MUCH IN ADVANCE YOU ARE THE TRUE CHAMPION AND MVP @ Dear user actually Gyaanipedia has recently updated it's domain name so various problems related to indexing has been appeared as Google is upgrading this domain. It takes a couple of months to solve this problem then it will be all right. I hope it helps you. You can WhatsApp me for more information +919854085408 Shaunak Chakraborty (talk)

Hey Shaunak what happen you deleted my help I said is there anyway to index Fly Fierra article into google.Because the old article still comes up instead of the one on this site Because this site has another gyaan fandom page????? Delete Fierra Fly and index Fly Fierra --DaRealEditor (talk) 20:45, 23 January 2021 (IST)Thanks for friending me!

Re: Hello, need a help[edit source | hide]

Moved from Matttest’s Talk Page on HK Culturewiki Hi, I am interested in helping to launch the Chinese version of Gyaanipedia. Should I request it at Special:RequestWiki?--Matttest (talk) 15:14, 30 March 2021 (IST)

@Matttest: Hey! buddy actually I have to request for the wiki otherwise the request will be rejected. I'm glad that you are interested in it. After the wiki will be created I will give you the admin rights. As I can see that you are from Hong Kong I hope that you can access WhatsApp. It is my WhatsApp number: +91 98 5408 5408 and also you can contact me through Shaunak Chakraborty (talk)
Hi, Shaunak Chakraborty. Can you enable files on zhgyaanipedia from Gyaanipedia Commons in Special:ManageWiki/settings? Thanks. --Matttest (talk) 08:57, 2 April 2021 (IST)
@Matttest: I had tried it various times but it doesn't work maybe I had done some mistake. So I am now requesting it to Miraheze staffs. I request you kindly ping me on WhatsApp by clicking this link so that we can chat in a faster way. Shaunak Chakraborty (talk)

Extension add[edit source | hide]

purge hi shaunak.this extension add please. It is very important for work Technical.Gani (talk) 19:32, 8 April 2021 (IST)

@Gani: Can you explain me that for what purpose you needs it Shaunak Chakraborty (talk) 23:58, 11 April 2021 (IST)
If you want to use it for technical purposes, you need to refresh it occasionally, which is why this extension is necessary.Gani (talk) 10:09, 24 April 2021 (IST)

Hello:[edit source | hide]

Could you possibly remove the following pages as they appear to be constituting vandalism?

Also, the following users Srvm, Srvth, along with any accounts relating to Srvm should be blocked as they appear to be participating in editing articles that have no sources or anything of value whatsoever. Thanks for reading. DarkMatterMan4500 (talk) 18:23, 31 May 2021 (IST)

Hello Shaunak[edit source | hide]

Will you please move Templaye:Gyaanipedia:OnThisDay/March 10 to the Template:Gyaanipedia:OnThisDay/March 10. It is the desired title. Thank you! User:Magogre (talk) 23:36, 27 June 2021 (IST) Will you please delete Templaye:Gyaanipedia:OnThisDay/March 10. It is just the copy of Template:Gyaanipedia:OnThisDay/March 10. User:Magogre (talk) 23:38, 27 June 2021 (IST)

Page Protection Request[edit source | hide]

Md Anan Islam protect this page because this page gain high traffic so please Semi protect this Article.--Dot (talk) 22:09, 10 August 2021 (IST)

I have unreviewed a page you curated[edit source | hide]

{{subst:Unreviewednonote-NPF|1=Dot|2=Bikram malati}}

Dot (talk) 08:43, 12 August 2021 (IST)

Legal Issue[edit source | hide]

Hi, I have observed that you have copied our content from Wikipedia without our permission here, please do not try to reinsert the content again, if you or other member of Gyaanipedia will reinsert those copyrighted content then we will have to go to court regarding this issue. Msoamu (talk) 12:39, 12 August 2021 (IST)

@Msoamu: I couldn't understand that I should laugh on you or what to do. First of all, I don't think it's copied from Wikipedia as it's not even exist there and second thing Gyaanipedia and all the open wikis present in this world makes no guarantee of its content, anyone can create anything there. So please do some study first. Shaunak Chakraborty (talk)
@Msoamu: See any kind of harassment can restrict you from using any product of Gyaanipedia. I still don't believe that the content has been copied from Wikipedia. Following the official procedure of our platform send me email at with the source link from where you think it's copied. If it's really a copied material then I will delete it, otherwise not. You have to prove that it's copied. Shaunak Chakraborty (talk)

Bot Request[edit source | hide]

I Want to be a Bot.--DotBot (talk) 13:28, 14 August 2021 (IST)

Wiki Page (Gyaanipedia wiki and fandom wiki page) not showing up on google.[edit source | hide]

Hello Shaunak, I'm a Musician and I have recently released my three tracks which are available on all music platforms. I'm wondering why my wiki pages are not showing up on google. Is there any way that you could help me?

17 August 2021, 7:18 am (New Zealand)

With Regards, Aditya Dhungana

I want to become an admin[edit source | hide]

Please help me to become an admin.--Dot (talk) 08:42, 17 August 2021 (IST)

I have unreviewed a page you curated[edit source | hide]

{{subst:Unreviewednonote-NPF|1=Dot|2=Saleem Khan}}

Dot (talk) 15:46, 17 August 2021 (IST)

I have unreviewed a page you curated[edit source | hide]


Dot (talk) 08:55, 19 August 2021 (IST)

Please check now[edit source | hide]

God please cancel redirect

reCAPTCHA error on Gyaanipedia Wiki[edit source | hide]

Hello Shaunak, We're getting reCAPTCHA error while editing the page on Gyaanipedia wiki. Please resolve it as soon as possible

reCAPTCHA error on gyaanipedia
reCAPTCHA error on gyaanipedia

--Adityadhungana (talk) 22:51, 9 September 2021 (IST)

@Adityadhungana:But usually there should not be a ReCAPTCHA during any changes of an article until it detects any suspicious activity or maybe if you were using VPN at that time. Anyways if you find this again then kindly write an email to Shaunak Chakraborty (talk)

Adminship for Penarc1 at Chinese Gyaanipedia[edit source | hide]

@Shaunak Chakraborty: He has done a great job at editing and reviewing pages at Chinese Gyaanipedia. Please give him adminship there. The link of the request for adminship is here. —-Matttest (talk) 08:36, 24 October 2021 (IST)

Thanks for resolving the bug problem[edit source | hide]

Thanks for resolving the bug problem so I can edit this wiki. However, can you disable wikibase too on Chinese Gyaanipedia so that I can perform editing and moving actions in the content pages? Thanks.

P.S. I cannot edit ManageWiki settings, only bureaucrats are able to do that. —Matttest (talk) 18:12, 14 December 2021 (IST)

@Shaunak Chakraborty and Shaunak Chakraborty: Ping above. (If you don’t have your time to change the settings, can you add me to bureaucrat temporary for 2 days so that I can manage the settings of Chinese Gyaanipedia? Also I would like to add some extensions: HaWelcome, new user message, flow, and changing the link of the Gyaanipedia logo because it is not working now on Chinese Gyaanipedia. Thanks). -Matttest (talk) 17:57, 15 December 2021 (IST)

Inactivity[edit source | hide]

Hello I am not here to bother you but Chinese Gyaanipedia will be closed for inactivity (can't edit pages) if the bug (wikibase error) is not fixed. I have said already 2 months ago here but you were not aware, if you don't have the time to fix it, grant me bureaucrat rights temporaily for 2-3 days that is enough for fixing the bug. I am afraid that I am not able to manage this wiki anymore if you don't do the action mentioned above, which is mandatory for editing main pages. --Matttest (talk) 11:38, 16 February 2022 (IST)