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Saleem Webster
सलीम वैबस्टर
Saleem Arrhab .jpg
Saleem Khan on January 15th 2020 at Red Carpet Party
Born10 January 1988 (1988-01-10) (age 34)
Other namesEnglish Teacher Saleem, Saleem Khan Anmol
EducationM.A History (Hons), English B.A( Hons).
Alma materThe Howard's Counsel
OccupationEnglish Teacher, Blogger, Tourists Guide and Writer
Years active2014 - present
Known forAmerican English, Motivator and English Skills
Height176 cm (5 ft 9 in)
OfficeCEO of LFA
Board member ofUP Boards
Criminal charge(s)(क)IPC 354A, (ख)IPC 354D, (ग)IPC 506, (घ)IPC 504, (ड)IPC 66 IT act
Spouse(s)Trash:Sophia Jahan
Call signAquarius (कुम्भ)
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Saleem Webster, variant of Salim or Salem (Hindi: सलीम वैबस्टर  ; Arabic: سلیم خان ) popularly known as an English Teacher Saleem, is an international American English Coach and tourists' guide from Meerut city. Saleem Khan was born on January 10th,1988 in a small Village named Samoli Salempur near Daurala town Distt. Meerut, India. He's also called as Worldwide Saleem among public interaction with his English language learners, students all over the world. Being a Worldwide Saleem, he's also a well- known English philosophical writer, public author and a social worker about human rights and social issues. Saleem Khan is also a Senior Excursion International Community Executive (SEICE) for foreigners who visit India every year. Saleem Khan is a volunteer for 'Love For Animals' (LFA).

Early Life and Education

Saleem graduated to intermediate school in 2004 and passed his second grade in year 2006. Then he went to his college degree for bachelor's of Arts in year 2007 and passed his graduation 2010. He done his M.A English ( Hons.) from CCSU and again pursued his dual Master's with history. So he does possess dual MASTERS' from CCSU. He did one and half year diploma in computer operating and functioning systems in New Delhi then for around three years he continued to be for his teaching classes at Howard's counsel at Meerut and New Delhi. He also went for Delhi university for his higher education degree as Tourism of India and pursued two years diploma in very subjects. In year 2016 completed his education and then looked a better job in government services sector and then finally he found a job but soon left on his own interest then he again received a letter from American Official Embassy and then he joined for a foreign American tourists guide at Incredible India in New Delhi. As his last year degree, he's also well intrested in law and pursuing his L.L.B and wish to do apprentice in Law of Legislation. National Guide Saleem Khan is an International English Blogger on Google Search Engine. He's very prominent teacher on Social media and internet sites.

Academic Qualifications

He's done his Master's in history and English literature from CCSU, Meerut. He currently holds two recognized (Hons) in English and History. He also pursues his Job as an American, French Tourists guide In New Delhi as his English passion since 2009. He's much passionate about chasing his dreams and future plans. Saleem is a former Voice and American Accent Trainer, having an experience of 12 years working with British & American International BPOs and 13 years’ for training people on American English Grammar & Spoken English. He’s the author of Best viewing blog called "Saleem Khan Anmol" on Google sites. He is also a social activist with reputed NGOs since 15 years.

Social Recognition

Saleem Khan is a well- known American Tourists' Guide with with its English Coaching label English Coach Saleem among Social interaction. He's popularly recognized as Model Saleem Khan and Saleem International from his Students all over the Globe. He has a vast variety of social names as sometimes people call him as Saleem Arhab, Saleem Khan or Saleem Khan Anmol with gratitude around him. Mr. Saleem Khan Vlogs also known as Saleem Worldwide on his Facebook account. Attitude Nature- Saleem Khan is a too much good sense to be affronted at insults, he's too well employed to remember injuries and too indolent to bear malice. He's patient, forbearing and resigned, on philosophical principles.

Personal Life

In August 4th 2016, Saleem was falsely framed of molesting his live-in relationship girlfriend with the help of her two Seniors advocates for attempting and fabricating charges to malice his social status and personal reputation. The Molesting legal case is still on trials in Ghaziabad Session Court. Mr DS Yadav, (a high- ranked prominent advocate in Session Court), Amit Chaudhary and Mahipal Singh Chaudhary from Ghaziabad are fighting legal fight for Saleem to regain his reputation and human right since 2016.