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Sager Midern Computer, Inc.
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Sager Midern Computer, Inc., is an ODM computer manufacturer specializing in laptop computers. The company is commonly referred to as Sager Notebook Computer, as indicated by their website.[1] Sager laptops are manufactured by Clevo which are also sold under many other brand names. Sager is the biggest Clevo retailer. They are widely recognizable for their high end and low end gaming laptops. However, they offer a wide variety of services, including solutions for mobile gaming, video editing, and business applications.[1] In addition to selling physical hardware, Sager also offers complete support and repair services for all Clevo based Laptops. This service is offered even if the laptop was not ordered through Sager, although in that case the user must pay in full for all services provided. Although the company sells laptops via its own website, it also uses numerous resellers who sell the laptops with the Sager brand name.

History[edit | edit source | hide | hide all]

Sager Midern Computer, Inc. was founded in 1985 by Eddie Yuan.[1] The company was founded in City of Industry, California. Since its inception, Sager has remained at its office location in City of Industry. Although being physically located in California, Sager markets its products throughout all of the United States and offers world-wide shipping. During its time of operation, Sager has gained public recognition as the go-to company for extreme high performance mobile computing.[2]

Company Profile[edit | edit source | hide]

Sager Notebook Computer is only an online reseller, meaning it does not provide a physical store where consumers can make purchases, although, it is possible to submit orders via fax and telephone.[3] In addition to direct ordering from Sager, it is possible to order Sager laptops from other vendors. Besides functioning as an online retailer, Sager also offers hardware diagramming and design plus technical training and support.[4] Sager currently employs approximately 50 workers in its office in California. Sager's estimated annual sales are considered to be between $8–9 million.[5]

Role in the Distribution Process[edit | edit source | hide]

While "A-brands" such as Dell, Toshiba, IBM or HP are manufactured on a contract basis where contract manufacturers assemble laptop computers as specified by the "A-brand", Sager has chosen the way of purchasing finished and generic chassis designed and built by Original Design Manufacturers or ODMs. Sager then assembles the laptop with parts chosen by the final customer, puts its logo on the chassis and sells them under the brand Sager. Sager then provides support to these computers.

Sager Midern Computer mainly uses Clevo chassis, which can also be found under Alienware, VoodooPC and Hypersonic brands. Sager also occasionally uses base chassis from Compal.

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