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Roni Biswas is an musician artist and developer. He is the active YouTuber, Musical artist and social media influencer. He started working as a Music composer and digital marketing now he is much more successful in social media. Early Life: Roni Biswas was born on (11th April 2004) who is a student.Roni Biswas is an Influencer, Entrepreneur, and a Digital Marketer. He lived in Chanchai for most of his life. Bardhaman West Bengal, India.

Career: Roni Biswas is The Musical artist and Social media expart. Roni Biswas start his career age of 18.

Recently he has Verified on Spotify,Google and many more music platforms also. Roni Biswas also knows as successful Musical artist. He publish his Music on Pandora,Dezar, Spotify,Amazon Music Apple music, and many more platform also. He also knows as Musical artist on google. Now Monindra Biswas officially verified on google, as a musical artist and youtube personality. According to Roni Biswas Create your creativity Then you never miss your dreams.

Parents: Father:- Raju Biswas Mother:- Sulata Biswas Sister :- Riya Biswas