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Mpiima Johnson
Mpiima Johnson
Born (1995-12-12) 12 December 1995 (age 26)
Mukono, Uganda
  • Artist
  • Entertainment Publisher
  • Socialite
  • Branding coach
  • Community worker
Years active2010–present
OrganisationMpiima media
Mpiima Johnson is an Entertainment publisher and Journalist in Uganda covering local talents in the community.

Background and education Mpiima[edit | edit source | hide | hide all]

Mpiima[1]was born in 1995/12/12 in Mukono District found in Uganda from where he grew and later came to Kampala district. His mother and father are Aisha and Nicholas. In Mukono district, He started his primary level education at a early age due to the decisions his mother and father had, He later joined Secondary school known as Kajjansi progressive where he finished his secondary four college level and later joined Aiden college secondary school where he finished his form six from. He later joined St Lawrence University where he studied a Bachelor's Degree in Computer science and He was a warded a Degree honor of qualification after completing his studies.

Career[edit | edit source | hide]

On his first carrier[2]He acted as a community entertainment publisher[3]where he was acting as musician [4]entertainer. He Later become a Entertainment [5]publisher at Media [6]House Uganda found in Entebbe district where he was acting also as a Musician[7]due to his popularity and famous, He is currently working as an entertainment publisher and a journalist at Radio Pearl Uganda Radio.

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