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GnDebate is the Gyaanipedia of debates. An Uncyclomedia project started in a fit of boredom, UnDebate uses the same crappy software as everything else around here to spoof debates regarding babies, political statements, and even large yaks, serving as a repository of pro and con arguments and rants on non-critical issues and helping Uncyclopedians and readers alike to understand some of the world's most critical questions.

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Create a new UnDebate

UnDebate needs your rants. If you can come up with two sides of an argument, then by all means write them - they don't need to be smart. In fact, it's sometimes better when they're not.


Things to look at before attempting to create a new UnDebate.

Recent UnDebates

Our latest UnDebates, added as they are created.

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Debatable news

GnNews that may prove invaluable in the creation of further debates. Or not.


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