GnNews:6 year old Walsall boy, finds '488-million-year-old' fossil in garden

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Siddak Singh holding the fossil in his garden

29 March 2021

Siddak Singh Jhamat, known as Sid, said he was "excited" to find the fossil in his garden in Walsall after digging for worms. His father was able to identify the horn coral through a fossil group he is a member of on Facebook.

Vish Singh estimates the fossil is between 251 and 488 million years old.

"I was just digging for worms and things like pottery and bricks and I just came across this rock which looked a bit like a horn, and thought it could be a tooth or a claw or a horn, but it was actually a piece of coral which is called horn coral," the schoolboy said.

"I was really excited about what it really was."

Mr Singh added: "We were surprised he found something so odd-shaped in the soil... he found a horn coral, and some smaller pieces next to it, then the next day he went digging again and found a congealed block of sand.

"In that there were loads of little molluscs and sea shells, and something called a crinoid, which is like a tentacle of a squid, so it's quite a prehistoric thing."

Mr Singh said the fossil's markings mean it is most likely a Rugosa coral, estimated to be between 251 to 488 million years old.