GnNews:17 year old Shubham Singh is One of the Youngest Entrepreneur of India

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Shubham Singh one of the globally known and also one of the youngest Innovative entrepreneurs of the country whose rise in the entrepreneurial world is extremely inspiring.People may find this to be untrue, but the fact is that many youngsters are taking over great businesses and are turning them into even bigger and exponential. This should not come as a surprise for many, as we all know that varied business sectors have seen growth in many ways because of the unique ideas, concepts and strategies of youngsters that have proven to be lucrative for the same. One such youngster we know of who dived deep into entrepreneurship and is now only growing to be one of the top youngest entrepreneurs is Shubham Singh from Uttar Pradesh India Born on 05th of July 2002. At only 14 years of age, Shubham set up his first company named VD Group Of Companies to help in nations development. He kept his company tagline “ Working for nations Development”. And at the age of 17, he is the founder of 4 StartUps in different sectors. He is one of the rapidly growing youngest entrepreneurs in the country.

Being an expert in multiple segments, Shubham is also one of the youngest CyberSecurity Consultant from the country. His firm VD Hosts provides solutions to many high-end businesses in improving their Security and prevent them from getting hacked with the help of statistical data and artificial Intelligence.

When the reporter asked what are his future goals, he said his upcoming projects include creating India’s biggest free e-learning space, through which he wants to reach the rural parts of India and educate the youth about technology and more via his platform and few more projects. At such a young age, holding this much of achievement, he is already an inspiration for the entire youth of India.

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