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Delilah Alvares
Delilah Alvares.jpg
Al-Sabah, Kuwait
OccupationActress, Model, Author
Years active2005–present
Height5 ft 7 in (170 cm)[1]
Parent(s)Mario Daniel Alvares (Biological Father)

Late Debra Rodriguez (Biological Mother)

Judy Caleb (Adoptive Parent)

Delilah Judy Alvares[2] is a Kuwaiti-British actress, model and author, best known for her work in New York and India.[3] She worked in theater, films and television before entering the modeling world where she has been a part of various high profile fashion shows and photo shoots.[4] She gained worldwide recognition after the publication of her psychological thriller: The Maze (Dark Shadows)[5][6]

Personal life[edit | edit source | hide | hide all]

Alvares was born in Al-Sabah, Kuwait,[7] the daughter of Mario Daniel Alvares and Debra Rodriguez.[8] Both her parents worked at the Kuwait International Airport.Her father for British Airways and mother for Cyprus Airways[9]

As a child, she grew up with a life between Kuwait and Birmingham, UK.[10]

After her mother's early passing, her father re-married and gave up her custody. Her mother's sister Judy Caleb then adopted her,[11] introducing her to India.[9] The early days of her career did not see a highly successful start in the UK but it successfully took off in India.[12]

She later moved to New York but soon returned back to the UK.[10]

Career[edit | edit source | hide]

As an actress[edit | edit source | hide]

Alvares reportedly anchored live shows, events and parties during her early days.[13] Her breakout role in theater was her debut performance in Drunkard (2005) as the lead character for which she was awarded as the 'Best Actress of the year 2005', followed by other plays like Money makes the world go round (2006) as the supporting character, The prostitute from Baina (2006) as the prostitute, that was critically reviewed as being too vulgar and cheap for theater standards, Ms. Brown (2007) as the lead character, Four wonders (2007) as the crazy sister (fourth lead character) for which she received outstanding ratings and reviews for writing and acting, Murder Mystery (2008) in which she took up a double role for the first time, as that of a mentally challenged child and a psychopath, and Schizophrenia (2009) as the schizophrenic.[13][14][15]

She was then seen in films like Expect the Unexpected (2011)[16] followed by Poonam (2011), Kismat (2012), supporting characters in feature movies and television shows like Diary of a Gypsy (2012-2013) and others, special appearance on Channel V – Dil, Dosti, Dance, TV commercials like Marlboro, Rubicon fruit juice, Fastrack, CMYK, Canon Power shot – what makes us click (2012) with Anushka Sharma and music videos, among which were Khabir Moraes's "Gopan Io" (Translated as 'Come into my arms') by Milroy Goes (2010) and "Vote Tit for Tat" by Remo Fernandes (2012).[13][17][18]

As a model[edit | edit source | hide]

As a model, she has walked for Lakme Fashion Week, Resort fashion Week, L'Oreal-Bridal look, L'Oreal Hair, IRFW, SummerTime (2011), Music festival (2011), Mr. Goa Grande Finale (2010), North-Ease Breeze show, Grape Escapade, Monty Sally, Wendell Rodricks, Verma d'mello, Jyostsna Bhat, Philu Martins, Yana Nagoba and Gitanjali Jewellery among others.[19] And has worked with photographers around the world like Frimson's (Chicago), Walk through magazine (Dubai), Marlboro (United Kingdom), Save the Wild (Florida) with a 13 foot Burmese Python, Prasad Pankar, Fabian Rodrigues, Seema Amonkar, Jayavanti Loundo, Henry Nazareth, Datta Gawade, Siddhesh Naik, Brijesh Kakodkar, Krupa Tamhankar, Chetana Bhat, Mubarak Khan, Ryan D'souza, Ashok Pol, Gautam Pai, Pooja Lawande Karmali, Nidhi Tar, Gautam Karkal, Pratik Chari, Manohar Chari, Hemant Parab, Ashley D'souza, Ashu Dhond, Ashwin Shukla, Sheldon Rodrigues, Sharad Khot Photography, Au Point photography, 'Out of the Box' Photography, Crispino Dourado and others.[20] [10] In 2021, she was listed among the Global Fashion Style Icons.[21]

As a writer[edit | edit source | hide]

Alvares has authored a crime fiction novel The Maze: Dark Shadows (2016)[4] published by Christopher Matthews Publishing, New York,[6][22][23] which was Australia's best seller in July 2016.[5] She has been the play writer on three full length plays - Four Wonders (2007) Comedy Category, Ms. Brown (2007) Comedy Category and Murder Mystery (2008) Drama category.[24]

Controversies[edit | edit source | hide]

Anorexia[edit | edit source | hide]

In 2013, Alvares was labeled as anorexic and became the target of unfavorable backlash on social media.[25] She was previously referred to as anorexic on several occasions but after mages of her surfaced with protruding bones, it was believed that she was anorexic.[26] She later disclosed the rumors to be completely false and misleading through multiple interviews.[27][28][29]

Awards & Nominations[edit | edit source | hide]

Year Award Category Result
2005 The Masque Best Actress Of The Year Theater (Drunkard 2005) Won[10]
2012 ROCK Calendar Model Modeling Contest Won[25]
2013 Femina Beauty Pageant Beauty Contest Top 13 Finalists[29][30]
2016 The Book Designer's e-book Cover Design Award Author (The Maze: Dark Shadows) Nominated[31]
2016 National List of Notable Kuwaitis International Writing Achievements Received[12]

Filmography[edit | edit source | hide]

Year Title[15] Role Notes[10]
2005 Drunkard Drunkard Positive Ratings
2006 Money Makes The World Go Round Supporting Character (Not Enough Ratings)
2006 The Prostitute From Baina Prostitute Negative Ratings
2007 Ms. Brown (Adaptation based on British Sitcom Mind Your Language) Ms. Brown Positive Ratings
2007 Four Wonders Crazy Fourth Sister Highly Positive Ratings
2008 Murder Mystery Double Role (Psychopath & Mentally Challenged Child) Mixed Ratings
2009 Schizophrenia Schizophrenic (Not Enough Ratings)
Year Film / Series Role Notes
2011 Expect the Unexpected (Movie) Main Character (Svetlana Rodrigues) Romance/Thriller
2011 Poonam (Movie) Lead Character (Poonam) Horror
2012 Kismat (Movie) Main Character Romance/ Thriller
2012 Channel V's Dil Dosti Dance (Television) Cameo Appearance Romance & Dance
2012-2013 Diary of a Gypsy (Television) Host Lifestyle & Culture
Year Commercial Distribution
2010 Marlboro UK
2010 Crown Casino India
2010 Rubicon Fruit Juice UK
2011 Rubicon ICC WC (Sky Sports) UK
2012 Fastrack Sunglasses Worldwide
2012 Canon PowerShot Worldwide
- CMYK Photography India
2016 L'Oreal Hair UK & Ireland
Year Title Artist Country Role
2010 "Gopan io" (Translated : Come into my arms) Khabir Moraes India Love Interest (Debuting Performance)
2012 Vote 'Tit for Tat' Remo Fernandes India Guest Appearance
2016 The Maze (Dark Shadows) (Instrumental) New York (Herself)

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