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Ishaan Joshi
File:Ishaan Joshi indian entrepreneur.jpg
Founder of IWEBSPOT
Personal details
Born27 July 1999
Rajasthan, India
OccupationIndian entrepreneur

Ishaan joshi is an Indian entrepreneur. He is known as the CEO and co-founder of Iwebspot, an digital marketing agency. Ishaan is one of the youngest male CEOs to be leading a digital marketing agency.

Early Life

Ishaan was born on 27 July 1999 in Taranagar, Rajasthan India. He started his first venture when he was 16, creating small websites that he made for small shops and business.


Ishaan began his career in field of digital marketing as the age of 18, where his older friend used to make small websites. Young ishaan followed his friend. Observing the low return on investment, he shifted to a more lucrative venture of making full size websites and providing advertising services to small business, making more money. He started working with many business and gained a reputation in the market. Today, he owns several websites and internet marketing firms, including the popular iwebspot and has invested in multiple businesses. Ishaan is now looking forward to help non-profit organizations with his skills, to help them grow and make the world a better place.

Founder and CEO At IWEBSPOT

Ishaan founded iwebspot Digital Marketing Company in July 2017. It all started in 2017 when Ishaan Joshi founded IWEBSPOT. Before that happened, Ishaan had experiences in different areas of marketing: He is entrepreneur with multiple business achievements. Ishaan had experience in marketing and SEO and saw that there is no company on the market that would satisfy all the clients’ expectations: is effective, understand needs and is highly communicative.

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